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Unlock Movement

Our patented designed performance equipment is engineered to unlock the most exercise movements by combining suspension straps with large resistance bands creating movement under constant tension paired with the forces of gravity.

Activate Muscles

Through reverse engineering exercise movement by way of electromyography (EMG) measurements, the equipment is designed to be paired with Method+, our in-house training routine, resistance band burnouts and bodyweight pulses.

Track Performance

By way of MYOKORE's online training platform StudioM, our integrated mobile application, and cross-industry technology partnerships, MYOKORE is able to track body biometric performance and weight loss.

Customer reviews

Love this killer Heavy band! Alao I've never han a band that comes with nice padding for the band itself. Im having a lot of fun using it it's been killer!! (The pictures I used, the band in on the bottom right on the counter :))
Bryanna B.
This is by far the best band I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a lot! It stays in place so perfectly. It burns the legs/buns in the best way. I look forward to using it every leg day!
Danielle D.
Caitlin B.
only band I use now (:
Leslie O.
I love this band so much! So comfy and stylish!! :)) definitely recommend getting it!
Da Yeon Y.
I appreciate the non slide grips this product has inside even when wearing leggings. I love how the band no longer goes into my skin causing it to hurt when doing too many back, side, or front kicks.
I am a heavy weight lifter so I am going to get the hard band. Medium is challenging but I want to try hard next.
Ana G.

Eco-Friendly 🍃

MYOKORE's Rubber Transformation Process

Sustainably Manufactured

HeviaTM (pronounced “Heav-e-ah”) rubber is a natural rubber derived from a rubber tree (Hevea brasilien- si). Hevea brasiliensis is a species of rubberwood that is native to rainforests in the Amazon region of South America, including Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. These trees are generally found in low-altitude moist forests, wetlands, riparian zones, forest gaps, and disturbed areas. It is a quick growing tree, often the first to establish itself when a gap in the canopy is produced but may be shaded out as more trees fill in the canopy opening. Today, commercially produced rubber can also be found throughout much of Southeast Asia and Western Africa. By using natural rubber in our Hevia Mini Bands is consistent with MYOKORE’s mission to bring the highest quality sustainable natural products to Resistance Band users.



Includes: MYOKORE's Patented Training Routine - Method+, Set up tutorials, Workouts of the day, Targeted programs, and more!