Hevia Resistance Band and Functional Sleeve - Set


Bodyweight + Bungee Resistance + You

LIGHT tension ~ 8lbs
Ankle and arm / upper body placement moves

MEDIUM tension ~ 15lbs
Above and below the knee placement for full lower body activation

HEAVY tension ~ 25lbs
Above knee placement for weighted lifts and stabilization
Neoprene Functional Sleeves per band for nonslip, non-tear, and non-hair/skin pull during athletic moves where other bands fail and roll. Rubber bands constructed with layered, looped, and natural rubber sheathed within protective tubular nylon webbing. Includes two sleeves per rubber band and comes in a set of three (LIGHT, MEDIUM, and HEAVY) resistance. Each set of two Sleeves has MYOKORE on one sleeve and the tension rating on the other. Patent Pending.

Light, Medium, and Heavy Tension Rubber Bands and Three Functional Sleeves Pairs

+ Weight: 22.78 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Sarah Curtis
Game changer

This makes it so much easier, no more rolling bands or painful rubber on your skin!

Luke Hendrikz
Myokore Bands

The bands are really great , I use them on a daily basis . The TRX bands are also up there for me . All in all great product .

Game Changer 😍🤌🏻

I’ve always been big into banded workouts as I love training while travelling or at home if I need to. These bands have been a huge game changer. The support / grip / strength. Nothing comes close to what these bands offer and I’m so excited to level up with them 🔥🔥🔥

Boyd Allen
Made for me!

Myokore bands are by far the best there is, with the slip proof sleeves it allows for multiple movements and doesn’t pull your hair out or roll up.
Great for combat athletes that are looking to improve footwork. The gravity straps and hybrid set are a must have! Love this brand !

Brydie Allen
Amazing product

I absolutely love these bands, I am a boxing coach and I use them to start my class if not for the whole class, the product as a whole is awesome for core, glutes, legs and my clients and I love them