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Focusing on form, muscle health, mobility, and caloric burn, MYOKORE'S Method+utilizes a 3 Set Series purposely designed to get the most out of each exercise.

(Set 1) STANDARD MOVEMENT: concentric/eccentric movement focusing on form and breathing.

(Set 2) HALF SPEED: slow and controlled hypertrophy exertions throughout the entire move.

(Set 3) ISOMETRIC HOLD: an isometric hold combined with pulsing.

MYOKORE equipment allows for seamless transition from bodyweight to resistance bands, with an immediate 20 second resistance band "burnout" (or pulse in the event a resistance band cannot be used to fully exhaust the muscles, deplete glycogen, and increase heart rate while reducing the strain on one's nervous system compared traditional weighted lifts.


Through biometric practices of muscle stimulation electromygraphy testing, the MYOKORE Trainers won out in all categories for workout optimization and with the combined practices of high intensity interval training (HIIT), becomes the most effective fat burning functional trainer program on the market.