March 28, 2016


MYOKORE is…Your At Home Gym

MYOKORE is…Your At Home Gym

At Home Gym

Some of the excuses you hear people make when talking about fitness are “I don’t have time to go to the gym,” or “Going to the gym is intimidating.” MYOKORE solves both of these problems for you by bringing the gym to your home. MYOKORE is…your at home gym. By using MYOKORE’s integrated system of suspension and bungee training, everything you can do on the big machines at the gym you can replicate with your MYOKORE Trainer in the comfort of your own home.


Unlike other at home workouts, your MYOKORE Trainer brings a level of versatility that you cannot always find. Because you can preform over 100 different exercises with your MYOKORE, you are able to continually mix up your workout and not become board. This in turn will keep you motivated to maintain your workout routine.


When you use MYOKORE as your home gym you eliminate the excuses of no time and being intimidated along with the 100 other excuses you hear people saying. Your MYOKORE Trainer brings convenience and makes working out accessible and fun.