June 11, 2015


Calisthenics…Join the Movement


World Calisthenics OrganizationCalisthenics…Join the Movement

A few years ago if someone told you they did calisthenics you probably just gave them a blank stare and not have any idea what they were talking about. However, that is not the case anymore. This year the American College of Sports Medicine conducted their yearly fitness survey and the hottest trend for 2015… calisthenics.

This Saturday, June 13, MYOKORE will be sponsoring the WCO’s Battle of the Bars 8 at the Fit Expo in San Jose, California. We are excited to be sponsoring this event and be apart of this movement. Calisthenics focuses on the fundamentals of body weight training. The WCO is dedicated to building better communities across the globe through an active and healthy lifestyle. This falls right in line with what we believe at MYOKORE.