February 5, 2016


Body By MYOKORE Transformation- Hannah

Body By MYOKORE - Hannah

The 30 Day Body By MYOKORE Challenge was definitely challenging. Having never really worked out and not have an interest in dieting, I was content with what I looked like. After losing the excess flab and feeling stronger, I would say it was definitely worth it and gave me a new perspective of myself. I enjoyed using the suspension straps for a full body workout rather than weights. It was easy to take with me when I traveled which made it convenient to keep up with the plan. Now, I can run 2.5 miles (while in the beginning I would make it a quarter of a mile and have to walk) and the workouts have become much easier. Body by MYOKORE has left me with a higher standard for myself internally and externally, as well as a drive to push for what my results will be after 90 days and hopefully it will become a complete lifestyle change.