January 20, 2016


Body By MYOKORE Transformation- Cristen

Body By MYOKORE - Cristen Going into the Body By MYOKORE Challenge I felt excited to have a program that would make me more toned and hopefully make me look a little better when I put on a bathing suit. I didn’t expect it to make such an impact on all aspects of my life.

At the end of the 30 days not only did I feel the strongest that I had ever felt but I also felt better in everything else I did. Getting out of bed each morning was easier, choosing to eat right was easier; I was much more focused at work and in a happier mood each day.

I looked forward to the workouts every day because I could see myself improving and overall just felt better. The 30 Day Challenge changed into my daily routine. It was something that I did not give up after 30 days. I have continued to follow the program and I am exited to see how much more of a positive impact it continues to have on my life.