May 16, 2016


Body By MYOKORE Transformation- Bob

Bob BBM Transformation


After losing almost 20 lbs in the 30 Day Body By MYOKORE Challenge, we sat down with Bob to see how things went…

Did you accomplish what you originally set out to do?

  • I wanted to do two things. One was lose weight and I also wanted to change my eating habits. I was 223 when I started, I am 204 now. I wanted to get to 200 when I set out at the beginning of the challenge so I got close on the weight but I am happy on the weight loss and I am going to continue that part over the coming months. The thing I noticed most about my eating habits was I was eating too many carbs, too much sugar and while cutting those things out killed me, it was good and now I can be more thoughtful about incorporating some of these things back into my daily eating habits. Those were my two biggest takeaways.

Did anything surprise you these past 30 days?

  • How rested I am at night surprised my greatly. At 8pm I am getting tired and I have been getting in bed by 9pm each night. I’m a morning person. I get up early anyways but I think because we were exercising in the morning and in the evening and then I would feel so rested at night I would be in bed by 9pm and I’m up at 4:30am and back at the gym at 5am. So that became a routine for me and it worked out really well.

Have you noticed a significant change in anything?

  • The biggest change would be that by having the smaller portions in the meal part my cravings were less which is a good thing for me. I think I ate too much before so now going forward I’m hoping I can just be thoughtful about the smaller portions. If you go to a restaurant you really only need half of that. So going forward I really want to make sure I am not going back to these larger meals because I could easily eat a big bowl of pasta or something. Instead, eat a little bowl. I am not as hungry as I was before and I am better about healthy snacking in between meals.

How will your fitness routine change compared to when you started?

  • These past 30 days have been more intense. I noticed I have really been able to get my heart rate up. The cardio is more than I have been doing in the past. I am going to continue with the mornings. So if I can go from 5am-6am and get a good workout in I will feel good during the day and then every other night after work continuing to workout.

What has been the hardest part of the past 30 days?

  • For me it was the sugar and carbs. I like to have a bowl of ice cream at 10pm every night. So for me it was two things. One, we didn’t eat anything after 8pm and I want to continue doing that in the evening. Second, I started to have a little bit of Kefir with raspberries and that was fine so I am trying to do away with the ice cream and incorporate a healthier choice that’s a little sweeter. Kefir and raspberries seems to be just as satisfying as ice cream so I definitely want to keep that up.

Did MYOKORE make it more convenient for you to exercise?

  • Yeah it was a lot easier having the MYOKORE because of the fact that you could just do it in your room. You just throw it up over the door and you’re ready to go. So from an exercise stand point, not having a bulky piece of equipment makes it much more easy to use. When we went and vacationed for a week we were able to take it with us to the house and throw it up on the door there so being able to bring it with you is a big advantage.

Being more healthy and fit, are you now more motivated to pursue your passions?

  • I would say that I have more energy and that makes me want to pursue my passions more. On the weekends my wife and I would do other things like go for a bike ride but instead of being a short one we are going on two hour bike rides instead of half an hour. I think being more fit gives you the ability to do the things that you want to do and not get tired. That is a main reason I want to keep the weight off. Once I hit 50 the weight just kept creeping up on me. I don’t want to go back to that. So if I can keep the weight down, keep with the exercise, keep with the eating program and make this a lifestyle that would be the goal.

What would be your advice for someone about to start their first Body By MYOKORE Challenge?

  • I would say, if you do the 30 days really stick with it. I didn’t cheat once on the sugar or the carbs. I said, “If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.” The results happened. Every week 5 or 6 pounds was dropping off because I didn’t cheat. Now I know I can start incorporating some healthier choices back in my diet but if you’re going to do it, do it completely. Follow the instructions, do your morning workout, do your evening workout, stick to the meal plan, and you get results.